2018, February, 05

The Seductive Power of Belonging

A core principle of my Slingshot Framework is the need to forge and to continuously refresh a strong emotional connection with target customers. I call this quest ‘customer infatuation’. A recent study by IBMix has produced revealing evidence of why companies need to embrace such a perspective.

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2018, January, 29

Interesting Piece of Historic Trivia

Having been born in Budapest, I have a special affinity for the origin of the word ‘coach’, as it stems from Hungary, many centuries ago. But beyond this personal connection, there are a couple of reasons why this historical tale is worthy of bringing to your attention.   

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2018, January, 22

Re-Imagining Higher Education

More than ever, 2018 will be a year of re-imagining boundaries.  As inspiration, I presented a 'radical' model for re-imagining college education in my book 'Slingshot'. This model has been brought to life by Mission U (http://www.missionu.com/), founded in 2016 by Adam Braun.

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2018, January, 15

In the company of GIANTS!

I am pleased to be quoted alongside 12 global visionary giants in this article, as a way to inspire your future-shaping innovation.

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2018, January, 08

Hungarians Still Kickin’ It

In my leadership events, I often reference the Hungarian Golden Team of the 1950’s, regarded as the finest national side in the history of European football (for example by a BBC study last year). That team’s ability to shape the future of the sport has very relevant lessons for today’s business leaders.  And here are two gems to add to this topic, one from the past and from the present:

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