2017, October, 09

Arab Innovation Forum on the horizon

I am pleased to have been asked to design the first Arab Innovation Forum  in Dubai next February. This high level, 3-day event will have key regional business and government leaders in attendance.   We are currently in the process of selecting the lineup of global speakers to invite for each of the six innovation topics (Healthcare, Financial Services, Government Services, Technology, Transportation, and Energy/Utilities).

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2017, October, 02

Nomophobia: Fear of Being Phoneless

Image your worst nightmare coming true: You wake up one morning and you can’t immediately locate your smartphone. How could you possibly get anything done?  How could you possibly survive such a calamity?

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2017, September, 25

The Seductive Power of Imperfection

Wabi-sabi is the Japanese worldview based on Buddhist teachings, centered on the acceptance of continuous imperfection and transience. It is a highly applicable concept in business as well: You should always consider your market offering to be imperfect, and seek to continuously refresh your customers’ experience. That in turn, will create an ongoing emotional attachment to your brand, and insure your enduring relevance.

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2017, September, 18

Mission Launch with Madame Vice-President of the Dominican Republic

At the end of August, I had the pleasure of being in the Dominican Republic on the invitation of the country’s Vice-President, Margarita Cedeño de Fernández. During my visit I toured educational facilities, met with top business leaders, spoke in front of 1,400 entepreneurs, and gave several media interviews. The goal was to set in motion a national initiative to facilitate entrepreneurship and to transform the country into a regional center of innovation. I shall provide updates, as the initiatve unfolds.

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2017, September, 11

Age Is Just a Number

As individuals, just as organizations, our ability to re-invent ourselves is limitless. It’s not tied to any particular station in life or age.  We are only held back from new frontiers by self-imposed boundaries. Consider this insirational example: Tony Bennett’s album ‘Duets II’ was released on the singer’s 85th birthday in 2011. It became the first no. 1 album of his illustrious career, making him the oldest living musician to have an album debut at no.1.

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