2016, December, 19

Out with the Old, in with the New!

As 2016 draws to a close, let’s pause to reflect on the past and look forward to new beginnings in 2017.  What better time to appreciate the fast pace of progress all around us, and to ponder how we can best be part of shaping the future?

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2016, December, 12

Slingshot Future Shift

We are dreaming big and acting big.  In partnership with Mosaic, the Future Fitness Company, we are preparing to launch Slingshot Future Shift, a global, social activation platform.   The goal of SFS is to make the concept of ‘re-imagining boundaries’ accessible to all, by fusing together three components: Trailblazing events, an active community of future-shapers, and awards that celebrate their achievements.

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2016, December, 05

Slingshot getting active on Social Media

We have purposely held back officially engaging on social media until now, in order to create a true Slingshot-esque approach in our online presence.  We now have a sneak peek to share with you.

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2016, November, 28

Moscow in Winter

I am looking forward to being in Moscow this week.  I will be speaking at ReForum, taking place on December 1-2.  The title of my talk is ‘How to harness the creative potential of your organization’. It should be fun.

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2016, November, 21

Dubai’s appetite for shaping the future

I spent last week in Dubai for a series of meetings and events, all of which attest to the common sense of purpose in the emirate for continuing to re-imagine boundaries.

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