2016, November, 28

Moscow in Winter

I am looking forward to being in Moscow this week.  I will be speaking at ReForum, taking place on December 1-2.  The title of my talk is ‘How to harness the creative potential of your organization’. It should be fun.

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2016, November, 21

Dubai’s appetite for shaping the future

I spent last week in Dubai for a series of meetings and events, all of which attest to the common sense of purpose in the emirate for continuing to re-imagine boundaries.

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2016, November, 14

Uber and out?

It is definitely a sign of the times. Take a six-year old company that has spread globally to drive a traditional service industry into obsolescence. Then consider the company’s real ambitions, which are much bolder than that. Finally, take note that it is already facing severe challenges as the market space it created is rapidly evolving. There is no time to stand still.

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2016, November, 07

Seeing eye to eye with Malcolm Gladwell

I find Malcolm Gladwell’s tireless inquisitiveness and unique perspective on social phenomena to be highly though-provoking. I was therefore pleased to discover not only our mutual focus on re-imagining higher education, but that we both identified the same core pain point of the current system: The outrageously high endowment of leading universities.

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2016, October, 31

iPhone 7: The Never-ending cycle of customer infatuation

Since its introduction in 2007, the iPhone has already gone through 10 generations.  That’s a new generation every year for a product that sets you back hundreds of dollars or long term carrier contracts each time.  So how is Apple able to convince us to upgrade so willingly and frequently?

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