Letting AI do the talking



We had some fun putting AI into practice to create this short video explaining the power of pursuing 3 levels of Blue Waters, from Blue Lake to Blue Sea to Blue Ocean.  This strategic approach is central to the Slingshot Framework and enables you to simultaneously optimize and refresh your current business while also expanding and transforming it. 




Making this video reminds me of the classic old commercial by Memorex, a leading cassette tape manufacturer when that was the pinnacle of recording technology. Their ad campaign in the 1970’s featured Ella Fitzgerald belting out notes that broke a glass and challenging viewers to distinguish if this was done live or via a recording, with the tagline: “Is it live or is it Memorex?” Similarly, we can now ponder the origin of any clip we see by asking: “Is it real or is it AI?”


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The Funniest Companies in the World

Love Language no 3 SUS 23 Rankings


In high anticipation of this year’s fast-approaching April Fool’s Day, let’s put the spotlight on the funniest companies in the world.  Each year Stand-Up Strategist compiles the definitive rankings of the best corporate April Fools campaigns from around the world.  You can see the ’23 winners, their highly entertaining campaigns, and the illustrious panel of guest judges here: https://standupstrategist.com/2023-rankings/


To celebrate and showcase the importance of humor, Stand-Up Strategist has been compiling the Top 23 annual rankings since 2018 (suspended in ‘20 and ’21 due to the pandemic) and we have seen noteworthy patterns emerge.  Participation in April foolery is truly global – involving all continents with the notable exception of Antarctica. It spans across diverse industries – with airline, automotive, hi-tech, and consumer goods being the most prominent. And, it often features the CEO/Founder of the company personally – most famously John Legere, former CEO of T-Mobile USA.


To get the fascinating, behind the scenes peek at how the rankings are compiled, see my freshly published article in CEOWorld Magazine:



May you use the remaining few days wisely, to perfect your display of humor on April 1st


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Hi-Tech Alchemy: Cheese into Gold



What would you say to the idea of using a cheese byproduct to magically produce gold? I know, it seems absurd. As absurd as all the wild alchemy attempts throughout history. Except that it isn’t.


“A team of researchers at ETH Zurich in Switzerland has made a discovery that could turn recycling e-waste into a literal goldmine. They found that protein fibril sponges, made from protein-rich cheesemaking byproducts, can be used to extract the gold from discarded e-waste.”


The researchers retrieved a 22-carat gold nugget weighing 450 milligrams from 20 old computer motherboards. Because the method utilizes tech waste and food industry byproducts, it is not only a sustainable but also a financially attractive recycling method.


What’s more, this nugget of genius is a perfect example of the Innovation Shortcut – a core Slingshot Framework principle: Combining traditionally separate, seemingly unrelated components can unlock significant, untapped market value. Are you taking advantage of the shortcut to shape the future of your industry?


See the whole story here: https://futurism.com/the-byte/extract-gold-old-electronics-fortune


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What you resist persists, what you embrace transforms

What Sneetches Teaches Us 


Here is another epigram I encourage you to ponder.  So let me bring it to life once more via a fabulous Dr. Seuss story. 


In his tale about Sneetches, Dr. Seuss introduces us to two types of these fantastical creatures. Ones with red stars on their bellies and ones without. What those without stars desire the most in the world is to have stars themselves, which of course is impossible. At least until an enterprising, high-energy character by the name of Sylvester McMonkey McBean rolls into town with a strange contraption that can magically stamp stars. But alas, as soon as all the bare Sneetches get stars on their stomachs, those who originally had them want theirs removed by the machine. And so this cycle continues over and over, until all the Sneetches run out of money and finally have a breakthrough realization: It doesn’t really matter if they have stars or not.


While this story has numerous connotations, its relevance here is this: As long as the Sneetches resisted open-mindedness, their divided society persisted. The moment they embraced change (with a bit of outside impetus from McBean), both their life perspective and society transformed. 


What ideas, actions, changes have you resisted that are creating persistent boundaries around you?  And in what profound way would they transform you if you embraced them? No better time than now to find out.


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2024, January, 30

From Invisible to Irresistible with Sasa Spasic

Sasa master class


I am really pleased to join forces with Sasa to offer an exclusive program of indispensable leadership learning.

Imagine your executive team exposed to the future-shaping concepts of the Slingshot Framework, all the while galvanized in its application by Sasa's relentless creative sparks.

This is high-energy, mindset altering learning that you don't want to miss, taking your company from 'Invisible' to 'Irresistible'.

Check out details here:
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