2017, December, 25

A Little Box of Awesome

This post is very much with the holiday season in mind. It shows a wonderful example of creating irresistible and bespoke customer experiences as well as forging new combinations of components that make up heightened customer value.  All with a festive, celebratory twist.

In a world moving too fast to enable us to really savor the moment, and to know just what to experience, along comes a fun concept in curated self-indulgence. Enter Bespoke Post for men. Per the April 14th, 2017 article in Business Insider: As a member of Bespoke Post, you have the option to receive a box once a month filled with tools, products, and clothes that chances are you’ve yet to be introduced to. It’s free to sign up, and each box only costs $45 for members, while being filled with at least $70 worth of goods” Each box is scintillatingly titled and designed such as ‘Refresh’, ‘Copper’, or ‘Churchill’.  Intrigued? Go ahead, why not pamper yourself?

Check out Bespoke Post’s sensory temptations:

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