2016, October, 17

And Disney’s latest innovation is...

Not long ago Disney’s innovation in its theme parks was largely limited to creating more thrilling rides.  This was both highly expensive and offered only short-lived distinction as competitors did the same.  Meanwhile, visitors’ greatest pain point, that of waiting in intolerably long lines, went unheeded for decades.  But then in 2000 the FastPass was introduced and started Disney on a whole new innovation direction.

The FastPass is an online reservation system that drastically cut waiting times for visitors, unleashing new customer demand and appreciation.  As a follow-up, in 2014 Disney introduced the MagicBand – which uses a wristband-based sensor to track, simplify, and customize visitor experience from start to finish.  And now, as Disney continues to forge further into the high-tech space in pursuit of capturing and owning customer experience, it has been awarded a patent based on foot recognition technology.  Yup, Disney is now a trailblazer in foot recognition technology, as a natural extension of its core, theme park business!  That is the thrilling consequence of continuously re-imagining boundaries.

Take a look at the story here:


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