2014, November, 03

Big Splash: Forum for Partnership of the Americas

On October 8th I hosted a special, high-profile event that I have been designing and putting together for the past several months: The first ever Forum for Partnership of the Americas.  The event, which took place in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, was the opening day of the Americas Competitiveness Forum.

The goal of the Forum was to bring together business and government leaders from the Western Hemisphere in order to stimulate innovative thinking and deepen private/public partnership.  With ‘tapping our imagination’ serving as the overall theme and the Slingshot methodology as the overall backbone, I was joined by a great line-up of speakers to generate a highly provocative and stimulating program.  By all accounts, the Forum was a big success.

Here is an article about the event:  http://www.guardian.co.tt/business/2014-10-08/vii-acf-begins-today 

If you were in attendance, I welcome your comments.


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