Frequent traveler challenges the status quo
2014, January, 30

Frequent traveler challenges the status quo

What happens when we begin to identify consumer ‘pain points’ that everyone takes for granted?

How many memorable experiences and interactions did you have on your last commercial flight? Chances are most of them were negative rather than positive. So why not use that to your advantage, by identifying customer pain points and turning them points of infatuation? At times, your customers themselves will tell you just how to do that.


See how one airline passenger uses the typical airline boarding pass as an example of a pain point, and what he proposes to do in order to turn it into a point of infatuation for fliers.

Via Gizmodo:

    ... The solution isn't the most important part of this project. It is the thinking: it is the willingness to question what is otherwise accepted in order to strive for better, more useable and useful. This applies to paper passes, e-tickets, check-in and every part of airline experience. The solution is only a small part of the story. It is the ability to question the status quo—the notion that we can strive to create better experiences for people—that has caught the attention of hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

Image via Gizmodo


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