The Funniest Companies in the World

Love Language no 3 SUS 23 Rankings


In high anticipation of this year’s fast-approaching April Fool’s Day, let’s put the spotlight on the funniest companies in the world.  Each year Stand-Up Strategist compiles the definitive rankings of the best corporate April Fools campaigns from around the world.  You can see the ’23 winners, their highly entertaining campaigns, and the illustrious panel of guest judges here:


To celebrate and showcase the importance of humor, Stand-Up Strategist has been compiling the Top 23 annual rankings since 2018 (suspended in ‘20 and ’21 due to the pandemic) and we have seen noteworthy patterns emerge.  Participation in April foolery is truly global – involving all continents with the notable exception of Antarctica. It spans across diverse industries – with airline, automotive, hi-tech, and consumer goods being the most prominent. And, it often features the CEO/Founder of the company personally – most famously John Legere, former CEO of T-Mobile USA.


To get the fascinating, behind the scenes peek at how the rankings are compiled, see my freshly published article in CEOWorld Magazine: 


May you use the remaining few days wisely, to perfect your display of humor on April 1st


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