Grain of Sand on Your Finger

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A really exciting event from this summer - buried amidst all the negative news - was the publication of the first space image from NASA’s James Webb telescope. President Biden personally released the photo on July 12th during a White House press conference, showing the furthest image of space ever taken.


The picture displays a small, highly magnified portion of the Universe teeming with thousands of galaxies. To me, the most fascinating part of the story was how an article in Nature described the scale of the image:


“It shows thousands of distant galaxies in the constellation Volans, fainter than any galaxies seen before, in a patch of sky no larger than that covered by a grain of sand held at arm’s length.”


How amazing is that? Hold out your hand and picture a grain of sand on your finger. A speck that tiny contains thousands of galaxies in the sky. The comparison really provides a palpable sense of the enormity of our universe.  It's really mind- bending.  

Related Fun Fact: Did you know that our galaxy is moving through space at a blistering 1.3 million miles per hour (2.1 million km/hr). Just remember this when you are hesitant on embarking on a new adventure. Standing still is NOT an option!


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