The Greatest Show in Sports

savannah bananas


Well, that may be a slight exaggeration. But it’s at least the greatest show in baseball. The Savannah Bananas – brainchild of Jesse Cole, marketing wiz and entertainment pioneer – has completely re-imagined how a baseball game is played. It has infused contagious fun, humor, and immersive audience participation into a sport that is widely struggling to retain audiences and stay relevant to younger generations.


The result? The team has catapulted from practically a zero fanbase to continuously sold-out games that people travel hours to attend. And the Bananas have won the most games in their league since Jesse took over ownership, winning the league championship this summer. The message is simple, and one all organizations should look to take inspiration from: When you have fun, you perform better and your audience is much more engaged.


Check out this great video that tells the Bananas’ story:


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