Hi-Tech Alchemy: Cheese into Gold



What would you say to the idea of using a cheese byproduct to magically produce gold? I know, it seems absurd. As absurd as all the wild alchemy attempts throughout history. Except that it isn’t.


“A team of researchers at ETH Zurich in Switzerland has made a discovery that could turn recycling e-waste into a literal goldmine. They found that protein fibril sponges, made from protein-rich cheesemaking byproducts, can be used to extract the gold from discarded e-waste.”


The researchers retrieved a 22-carat gold nugget weighing 450 milligrams from 20 old computer motherboards. Because the method utilizes tech waste and food industry byproducts, it is not only a sustainable but also a financially attractive recycling method.


What’s more, this nugget of genius is a perfect example of the Innovation Shortcut – a core Slingshot Framework principle: Combining traditionally separate, seemingly unrelated components can unlock significant, untapped market value. Are you taking advantage of the shortcut to shape the future of your industry?


See the whole story here: https://futurism.com/the-byte/extract-gold-old-electronics-fortune


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