I Want You .. To Want Me!



They were called the “American Beatles” by the Japanese media. Their live album at Budokan became an all-time classic, and they were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2016. The band is none other than Cheap Trick.


But why bring them up now? I am glad you asked. Last week I shared stage at ciLive! https://dmacc.edu/ciweek/Pages/presenters.aspx with The Nielsen Trust - a band comprised of Cheap Trick’s lead guitarist Rick Nielsen and his sons. Alongside new music they did great renditions of originals, and Rick was just as playful and engaging a performer as ever. In fact, in the middle of a song he suddenly took off his guitar and hand it to me - as evidenced by this photo.


It was uplifting to see Rick going strong and keeping it fresh, Cheap Trick is about to release a new album and start touring (Covid permitting). It also occurred to me that their rock anthem is a perfect slogan for my work with leadership teams, guiding them to create irresistible customer experiences for the post-pandemic world: I Want You to Want Me.


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