2018, December, 17

Let’s end the Year with a bit of Humor

What better way to end the year than with a laugh? Especially, when such levity has direct relevance to the success of our business. Why? Because smart strategy in our highly unpredictable environment requires continuous innovation. To innovate, we need to harness creativity. And the most universal manifestation of creativity is humor. Which is why more and more organizations are looking to make humor an integral part of their culture, and why, along with my two co-curators, we launched Stand-Up Strategist earlier this year – to recognize and celebrate the important role of humor in corporate leadership and culture. So without further ado, a little something to make you laugh.

According to America’s finest news source, ‘The Onion’, (in reality a leading, satirical publication), the camping equipment company ‘Coleman’ has introduced a new line of purposely leaking air mattresses – designed to motivate unwanted guests from spending the night at your home.  Read the hilarious piece below, and then ponder: How can YOU inject similar wit into your business environment during the new year – both to spur a more creative work atmosphere, and to generate future-shaping innovations by probing the seemingly absurd?  


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