2016, March, 07

ManU the world allover

I wrote about the English football club Manchester United in my book ‘Slingshot’, and its trailblazing role in transforming a seasonal, largely localized sport affiliation into an emotionally charged, global business.  Let’s check in to see how ManU is continuing its ascent.

The fun, interactive BBC feature entitled ‘Are Man Utd about to rule the world?’  provides a great overview of the vast business empire that the club has become. In fact, its success and popularity is no longer directly linked to the actual performance of the team on the pitch.  Per the report:  “659 million fans. 116 million social media followers. More than £1bn from sponsors. 20 league titles. 3 European Cups. And from next season, they will get a share of the 71% rise in domestic broadcast revenue, making them the richest club in the world.” That domestic broadcast revenue is based on the record-braking sum of £ 5.14 billion that Sky Sports and BT Sport will pay over the next three years for the Premier League’s broadcast rights.

Click here to access the BBC feature:


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