2018, June, 25

Nintendo rides the ‘Innovation Shortcut’ again

Instead of outright invention, you can combine already existing, traditionally separate components in ways that unlock unprecedented customer value. Nintendo is a master at this, just consider the revolutionary combination of passive and active playing the Wii enabled and the mass appeal it ignited. Not surprisingly, Nintendo is at it once again with the introduction of the Labo.

From the article on news.com: “Labo is based on Nintendo’s longstanding mission of “making people smile by surprising them with new entertainment experiences” and was designed to inspire curiosity, creativity and imagination in people of all ages — but especially children.

Nintendo Labo is not a video game in the traditional sense; it combines physical and digital experiences to enable a whole new way to make, play and discover.

The idea behind Nintendo Labo is that you construct items (known as “Toy-Con”) out of cardboard sheets with perforated design outlines on it — such as a racing car, a piano, a fishing rod, or even a giant robot — attach the Switch controllers, and interact with the creation via the Switch console itself.

“We also believe in delivering surprising experiences to people that they didn’t even know were possible.”


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