2017, May, 08

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure

A principal tenet of The Slingshot Framework is to sidestep outright invention, which is resource intensive, time consuming, and risky.  Rather, you should innovate by combining already existing components in new, meaningful ways. One great example of this ‘innovation shortcut’ is using garbage as a resource.

Timberland, the American footwear and outdoor clothing company, is introducing a new line made from garbage sourced from one of the world’s poorest countries. From Fast Co.:  “A new backpack started life as 7.5 plastic bottles trashed on streets in Haiti. The backpack–part of a new line of boots, bags, and t-shirts made by Timberland–looks like it’s made from canvas. But the material is 50% recycled plastic, sourced from a place that both has excess trash and a desperate need for jobs.”

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