2016, April, 04

Premier League outwitted by unconventional strategy

Nearing the end of the season, a completely unexpected, Cinderella team is sitting atop the English Premier League, arguably the world’s most competitive football championship.  Leicester City is five points clear of second place Tottenham, and well ahead of perennial powerhouses Arsenal, Manchester City, Manchester United and Liverpool.  With only a splinter of the budget and cachet of these illustrious clubs, Leicester’s success is based on a highly unique strategy.

No one could have seen this coming. The Leicester City Foxes have lost only three matches out of thirty this season.  They are closing in on the much coveted championship with a simple but highly effective strategy that plays perfectly to the team’s strengths, enabling them to consistently beat much higher caliber teams.  The strategy is built on the combination of a very patient defensive scheme and a potent, fast counterattack.  It works well because the team is well-disciplined and has excellent chemistry and endurance, erasing the advantage of clubs with highly skilled individual players.

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