2016, May, 02

Re-Imagining boundaries: Growing the perfect spinach through your computer

Albert Einstein was obsessed with the limitless power of our imagination and left us many great quotes on the topic.  One of my favorites:  “If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it.” Judging by his penchant for mind-stretching ideas, Mr. Einstein would have loved this next one.

Caleb Harper is the Director of Open Agriculture at the MIT Media Lab.  His ‘absurd’ idea is to harness the power of computers to create the perfect lab environment to grow food.  The concept would eliminate our reliance on scarce, unpredictable natural resources.  It is a whole new way of feeding the world.   And judging by the results his team has already achieved, the idea may not be so absurd after all.

Pick a comfortable seat, invite others, and watch Caleb’s fun TED presentation on the topic:


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