2018, June, 18

Re-Imagining Education: Student Happiness over Grades

Education is undergoing massive transformation.  New models that nurture individual talents, creativity, and diversity are replacing outdated norms that focused on conformity and rigid structure. One great example of this shift is Mission U in San Francisco, which has successfully introduced a new form of higher education, emulating the concept I proposed in my book ‘Slingshot’. Here is another exciting illustration, this one from India.

From MSN.com: “Around the world, most secondary schools share a similar design: There are hallways that lead to classrooms, a front and back entrance, a cafeteria, and a gymnasium.

Near Chennai, India, a new boarding school called Riverbend aims to rethink traditional architecture — and curricula — in education. Instead of one large, central building, the campus will include more than a dozen smaller facilities that are designed to focus on a range of subjects, including math, entrepreneurship, literature, art, meditation, history, and physical education.

The goal is to prioritize the middle and high school students' happiness rather than grades, says Riverbend School's lead architect, Danish Kurani.”

See the slide show here:


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