2014, July, 25

Re-imagining ourselves: The PeaceWalker Project

Re-imagining boundaries is a deeply empowering perspective not just in the business world but in all aspects of our lives.  It engages our natural creativity and enables us to see our environment as full of opportunities rather than full of dangers and limitations. Naturally, we can re-imagine our self-perception in this process. For example, we can acquire the mental and physical confidence to handle any conflict, and to transform from a potential victim to a protector of others.

Craig Gray is a highly accomplished self-defense and martial arts expert, and creator of the PeaceWalker Project.  PeaceWalker teaches a great blend of mental and physical components that anyone can master to elevate their self-confidence, including:

  • Activate the ability to persuade, lead & inspire others.
  • Understand how to turn enemies into allies.
  • Learn a simple process to consistently de-escalate most situations.
  • Discover how to act and respond if verbal communications fail.
  • Empower yourself to never be bullied or intimidated again.

You can see Craig’s summary of our recent conversation on his blog (which has a brilliant name: ‘The Ocean The Wave’):

http://www.theoceanthewave.blogspot.com/2014/07/re-imagine.html  ,

And you can find out more about Craig, his activities, teachings and philosophy here:



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