2016, February, 29

Shaking things up in Kiev

As a follow-up to my presentation at the high-profile Forum One conference in April 2015, I returned to Kiev last December to lead a Slingshot event for business leaders as well as an informal session for young entrepreneurs.  This year, I am going back for more.

The Ukrainian economy has been devastated by the recent political and military unrest.  The value of the local currency, the hryvna, lost over 2/3 of its value against the dollar as the result of the turmoil.  However, local business leaders and entrepreneurs represent the foundation for the economy’s resurgence.  My December events were well attended and well covered in the press, and paved the way for my return to do a more in-depth event with young entrepreneurs this month, and one with business leaders in April.

If your Russian reading skills are up to the task, take a look at one of the press articles about my December visit here:


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