2019, February, 11

Shaping the future of lifestyles

Dubai has firmly established itself as a hub for futuristic projects, pushing limits, and re-imagining boundaries.  Having sprung from the desert sand, Dubai boasts many wonders, including the world’s tallest building, first indoor ski mountain, and underwater restaurant.  And recently a new ‘first’ has been added.

At the end of 2018, the French supermarket company ‘Carrefour’ launched the first floating convenience store in the Persian Gulf.  The idea of the floating store is to transform a pain point of yacht residents and beach goers, namely to have quick and convenient access to commonly needed food supplies without having to leave the water.  You can take inspiration by similarly asking: In what novel way could you get closer to your customers and integrate yourself more seamlessly with their lifestyles? It’s worth pondering!


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