2014, September, 15

Slingshot Basics: What business are you really in?

How can your business be a continuous source of infatuation for consumers?  How can you hold on to their attention and affection?

  1. In order to infatuate, strive to be the provider of your consumers’ favorite offering. So your most relevant competition are all those companies vying for the affection of your consumers.
  2. The way to become your consumer's favorite brand is to think of yourself as being in the business of providing lifestyle/workstyle enrichment to consumers. This perspective allows you to stay continuously relevant to a broad audience.
  3. Consumers have a capacity to form only a limited number of close, emotional associations with brands and offerings from among all those they come into contact with. You want to make sure that yours is one of them. Once you achieve that, you have a hold on their attention and affection and can widen your offering palette across market spaces and industries through a brand tied to your central offering.


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