2016, December, 05

Slingshot getting active on Social Media

We have purposely held back officially engaging on social media until now, in order to create a true Slingshot-esque approach in our online presence.  We now have a sneak peek to share with you.

Over the past few weeks, we created The Slingshot Group Facebook page.  This non-publicized page showcases the range of rich content we have, as a way of generating feedback from our friends prior to an official launch.  Take a look and let us know what you think.  As a teaser, here is the quote from Dave Stewart, legendary musician, and multi-media artist, featured on the page:

"Slingshot is like looking at things through the other end of a telescope. It takes us to that place we all went when we were a kid, where we could be anyone we wanted to be and got lost in the magnificence of everything around us."

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