2015, November, 23

So, is there finally a more sensible way to floss?

I am particularly drawn to examples of successfully eliminating the Pain Points of ordinary products that we use every day.  The reason being, that we live with such inconveniences on a daily basis, and assume that even though undesirable, they are an unmovable part of a given experience.

A couple of years ago, The Dollar Shave Club tore up the traditional razor blade market by debunking the way blades were sold and packaged.  Gone were the ridiculously high prices, mind-numbing in-store displays, replaced by home delivery of cheap, simple, but effective blades.  And, the injection of fresh energy and humor to this market was captured by DSC’s intro video that has generated over 20 million views:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUG9qYTJMsI 

Now, I have discovered a similar new comer.  As recommended, I floss daily.  Yet I find the process of flossing difficult and unpleasant. Why must it be this way? Well, it seems that a company in Russia (yes, Russia) has also noticed and developed an alternative.  Under the name ‘Icedent’, the company is challenging the way of the traditional floss.  How exactly are they doing this?  Take a look at this comparative chart that summarizes the key differences:  


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