2015, June, 01

Space Age Piano

Another fun example of the innovation shortcut coming at you.  Just what does the seemingly incompatible combination of a piano and a spaceship result in?  Could there really be a connection? You bet!

It turns out, the piano has not had a major re-design in a hundred years.  That inspired Hungarian pianist Gergely Boganyi to re-imagine its design with a distinctively futuristic, sci-fi motif.  The result is the newly introduced Boganyi piano, which reshapes both the experience of playing and listening to this classical instrument.  Per the Guardian:  ‘Gerald Clayton, a four-time Grammy award winner who performed at the piano’s debut concert, has had more playing time on the Bogányi than most.  “It feels like you are in a spaceship, like you are hovering above gravity,” he said.’

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