2015, January, 19

Starbucks Re-Imagined

In its continuous quest to re-imagine itself, Starbucks is launching a new initiative to recapture the allure of exclusiveness that the company’s omnipresence has eroded, and push it to new heights.

Starbucks has opened its first new type of space designed to deliver an immersive, high-end coffee indulgence experience.  The space, under the name "roastery-café" opened in Seattle, and will be replicated in 100 other chic, urban locations around the world in the next five years.

In the roastery-café, customers can enjoy an exclusive selection of Reserve line coffees, watch the roasting process as in a microbrewery, and be served and educated by ‘coffee masters’. The initiative is Starbucks’ attempt to capture the premium end of the market, as its cafés have become more mainstream.

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http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2014-12-05/starbucks-wants-to-be-fancy-again-opens-new-reserve-cafe#r=most popular


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