2015, October, 12

Sucking up trash headed for the oceans

Our oceans are in trouble.  They are the depository for huge quantities of garbage which are threatening marine life and ecosystems.  What can be done? Surely such a big and complex problem is in need of creative solutions.

One inspiring proposal comes from a seemingly unlikely source.  Yet from the Slingshot perspective, a perfectly natural source.  James Dyson, of Dyson Vacuum, proposes the same approach and technology used in vacuum cleaners to design giant recycling barges, which would suck up debris floating in rivers towards the oceans.

The idea of continuously expanding the definition of your market space and finding value connections for your business in completely new areas is a central point of Slingshot, and can be explored visually by using the Accordion Chart™.

See more details and sketches of the giant, aquatic vacuum here:


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