2019, January, 07

Sure sign that you are NOT ready for change

Openness to new ideas is a critical component of an organization’s ability to stay relevant. It is emblematic of an internal culture that encourages creative thinking and nurtures continuous transformation. In contrast, resistance to new ideas is a sure sign that an organization is not embracing change. Here is a telling example from the world of sports.  

A referee was recently banned by the English Football Association for a period of several weeks as discipline for an infraction against the rules. His crime? Not having a coin with him to decide which team would kick off the game, he improvised by employing the child game rock/paper/scissors instead. This burst of creativity was sternly frowned upon by the sport’s governing body. But guess what? Players and other referees quickly showed their support. In fact, as an act of solidarity, hundreds of referees used the rock/paper/scissors method in their games in subsequent weeks.     

See the story here in ESPN:


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