2019, July, 03

The 3 Key Principles of Exponential Growth

One of the consequences of today's border-less marketplace is the great divergence in corporate growth rates. Long-standing businesses may consider an annual growth rate of 6-8% or simply maintaining performance levels a success in the face of fierce, unforeseeable competition. At the same time, the new titans, the disruptors, pop up and mushroom at astounding clips, transforming entire industries and reaching unprecedented valuations. Until they too hit a speed bump.

So how can you accelerate and maintain the growth of your company? While there are many factors that come into play, we have found that the application of 3 key principles has a significant positive impact on corporate performance. On average, the companies we work with increase their growth targets exponentially, by nearly 500%. What is the secret?

The secret is to learn to focus on 3 core factors that together enable the ongoing relevance, expansion, and transformation of your business. These are:

1) Continuously identify and transform customer pain points into points of delight and infatuation.

2) Always look to expand the definition of what you offer to your customers.

3) Embrace the Innovation Shortcut - by combining already existing resources (inside and outside your company) in unprecedented ways that unlock new customer value.

When your entire organization embraces the systematic application of these 3 principles, the ignition button is activated and you are ready for take-off!

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