2016, August, 29

The backpack, re-imagined

There is no limit to which product surrounding us can be re-imagined. It just takes curiosity to pinpoint what aspects should be re-imagined, creativity to figure out how, and the drive to make it happen.  In past articles I presented stories about such objects as dental floss, the wheelbarrow, the wheelchair, or the piano.  Here is the latest in the collection of re-imagined products: The backpack.

One of the most important limitations or frustrations of a traditional backpack is its inaccessibility.  You have to take it off your back in order to get to its content.  It is this, presumed unmovable, or untargeted pain point that the re-imagined backpack is targeting.  See how, by watching this short video of Wolffepack founder, David Wolffe:


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