2015, April, 06

The Eternal Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss was a big inspiration for both my book ‘Slingshot’ as well as my recent TEDx talk in Verona.  His timeless stories captivate and unleash the imagination of children and adults alike.  And to appreciate just how timeless his stories really are, consider the following newsflash.

The USA TODAY reported on March 4th, that Dr. Seuss has 9 of the top 50 best-selling book titles in the U.S.  That is 9 out of the 50 most popular titles approximately sixty years after their original publishing!  The highest placing title is ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ at no. 15.

What are the specific reasons driving such intense, evergreen demand?  The anniversary of Dr. Seuss’ birthday, as well as news that a new book has been discovered and set for release in July under the title: ‘What Pet Should I Get?’   


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