2014, December, 08

The Onion chimes in on Apple’s infatuation

"Even before today’s announcement, people across the country were lining up to be among the first to get their hands on this new short-lived and non-renewable flash of satisfaction. And they won’t be disappointed; this already vanishing glimmer of pleasure is exactly what we’ve come to expect from Apple"

A key component of my Slingshot Framework is the creation of Infatuation Intervals.  This refers to the establishment of a strong emotional bond with our target audience, which by nature is fleeting and temporary.  It therefore provides the golden opportunity to continuously re-infatuate our audience, and thereby keep them in perpetual Infatuation Intervals.

There is perhaps no better, current illustration of this phenomena, and the power of making it work – than Apple Inc.  And why not look at their achievement from a humorous perspective?  This is exactly what the Onion has done.  So for a bit of comic inspiration and clever satire, check out this article:



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