2015, December, 07

The-Shenandoah-Valley-Tapestry Project

As we are nearing the year’s end and entering the holiday season, I want to share a couple of uplifting, joyful stories.  One of these is an inspirational, community project, drenched with Slingshot components.

The Shenandoah Valley Tapestry project is “a needlework narrative honoring and celebrating over 250 years of history of the northern Shenandoah Valley. “  It all started with a book about the Civil War story of two local families, which went on to inspire a painting commissioned by the county historical society.  In turn, “the painting then set in motion the idea of telling the Valley’s storied history through a community-based project to create a needlework narrative – a tapestry that would be hand stitched by members of the community.“  All members of the local community are welcome to contribute, and encouraged to unleash their creativity.

The project is a great example of public engagement combining elements of history, local heritage, art, and creative expression. Moreover, it has a strong, cross-generational appeal, touching all members of the community.  In the age of high-tech overdose, it is refreshing to see such an example of an authentic, social initiative.

For further details and inspiration, you can visit the project’s Facebook page here:


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