The Six Question Test

6 Q Test

Every company and leadership team - no matter how successful - operates within self-imposed mental boundaries, based on the old expression "You can't see the label if you are inside the jar". Taking the ‘6 Question Test’ is a simple, immediate way to expose your self-imposed boundaries.

Understanding the limitations revealed by your answers allows you to re-calibrate your mindset, leading to powerful, new insights for high growth, expanded relevance and strong customer attachment. This is especially critical during a period of extreme disruption, such as the current Covid crisis.

The 6 Question Test:

1) What animal would you pick to symbolize your company?
2) What business are you in?
3) Who are your most important competitors?
4) What is the starting & stopping point of a typical customer’s experience with your offering?
5) What should be the goal of innovation?
6) On a scale of 1 to 10, how closely linked is customer satisfaction to your company's future success?


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