2016, September, 05

Thievery Corporation: Making Music at Intersections

Music is a quintessential playground for re-imagining boundaries. New genres are continuously created as musicians explore fresh combinations of influences, styles, and components. 

One of my favorite musical groups is the Thievery Corporation, which makes music at the intersection of influences.  This talented duo from Washington D.C. sees no limits, only new spaces to explore: “Always great admirers and curators of dusty grooves and all but forgotten music styles, Thievery Corporation borrow from the classically sensual and blunted sounds of their favorite Brazilian bossa nova, Jamaican dub reggae, vintage film soundtracks, and psychedelic rock to forge into new sonic territory.”

This summer I had the opportunity to see Thievery Corporation up close and personal at VeszpremFest, the stylish music festival in Veszprem, Hungary, bringing together an impressive lineup and range of world-class performers.

You can read more about the festival and Thievery Corporation here:


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