Gabor George Burt -
2014, January, 15

Time for a little repackaging

There is an exciting shortcut to becoming market driving: you don’t necessarily have to invent something completely new; instead you can repackage already existing components in a meaningful, new way.

See how the former CMO of NetJets, which was a Blue Ocean Strategy case study, is applying this exciting shortcut. He is market driving by repositioning the classic time share model in a way that creates new value for connoisseurs of luxury timepieces.


Via Tech Crunch:

Founded by Randy Brandoff, former CMO of NetJets and Marquis Jet, the company isn’t positioning itself as a rental service per se. The concierge service costs $249 a month to wear three “cheaper” watches worth around $10,000 per year ($449 for six) and $459 a month for a Connoisseur Collection selection of higher end brands. The “Virtuoso” tier gets you three crazy expensive pieces for $899 or six for $1,599 a month. You wear them around, flashing your bling hither and yon, and then return the watches for cleaning and they’re sent to another member. To be clear, if $10,000 for a “low-end” watch sounds ludicrous, you’re probably not the target audience.


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