2016, November, 14

Uber and out?

It is definitely a sign of the times. Take a six-year old company that has spread globally to drive a traditional service industry into obsolescence. Then consider the company’s real ambitions, which are much bolder than that. Finally, take note that it is already facing severe challenges as the market space it created is rapidly evolving. There is no time to stand still.

Per the recent article on Yahoo Finance: “Uber’s ambition is to transform transportation everywhere in the world, as self-driving cars come online and hundreds of millions of drivers switch from owning a car to hailing one owned by somebody else. But this year, it has hit setbacks that would be daunting for an established firm, let alone a six-year-old startup.”

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Take a look at the full story here, to get a fascinating glimpse at the dynamics of a fledgling, but fast-morphing market space:
Uber article: https://www.yahoo.com/finance/news/ubers-onslaught-is-over-183342430.html


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