What you resist persists, what you embrace transforms

What Sneetches Teaches Us 


Here is another epigram I encourage you to ponder.  So let me bring it to life once more via a fabulous Dr. Seuss story. 


In his tale about Sneetches, Dr. Seuss introduces us to two types of these fantastical creatures. Ones with red stars on their bellies and ones without. What those without stars desire the most in the world is to have stars themselves, which of course is impossible. At least until an enterprising, high-energy character by the name of Sylvester McMonkey McBean rolls into town with a strange contraption that can magically stamp stars. But alas, as soon as all the bare Sneetches get stars on their stomachs, those who originally had them want theirs removed by the machine. And so this cycle continues over and over, until all the Sneetches run out of money and finally have a breakthrough realization: It doesn’t really matter if they have stars or not.


While this story has numerous connotations, its relevance here is this: As long as the Sneetches resisted open-mindedness, their divided society persisted. The moment they embraced change (with a bit of outside impetus from McBean), both their life perspective and society transformed. 


What ideas, actions, changes have you resisted that are creating persistent boundaries around you?  And in what profound way would they transform you if you embraced them? No better time than now to find out.


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2024, January, 30

From Invisible to Irresistible with Sasa Spasic

Sasa master class


I am really pleased to join forces with Sasa to offer an exclusive program of indispensable leadership learning.

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Leadership Wisdom from Dr. Seuss

Lessons From Zax


This is an epigram I started using recently, because it’s so relevant to our times. It was inspired by none other than the inimitable Dr. Seuss:


“Without a common vision, you have division”


Inspiration came from Dr. Seuss’ story of the Zax - imaginary creatures who can only go in one specific direction. In the story, two Zax, one southbound, the other headed north, happen to bump into each other in the middle of the desert, perfectly blocking the other’s path. Neither of the two was willing to budge, to change direction, to seek a common vision. And as they remained there perfectly divided in their perspectives and goals, the world passed them by. A new highway was built right around them in the desert.


As Dr. Seuss puts it:

“And they built it right over those two stubborn Zax. And left them there, standing un-budged in their tracks.”


Is your team full of Zax, or do you have a clearly-articulated, well-founded common vision to unite them?


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From Player to Shaper



Are you ready to turbocharge your business?

I am pleased to announce my co-facilitated workshop with Jeroen Kraaijenbrink.

This is your chance to energize and align your leadership team around high-growth strategy, transform your business from player to shaper, and ignite the full potential of your workforce. You don't want to miss out!

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Try not to laugh!


 With all the gloomy chatter about the apocalyptic impact of AI, it's refreshing to see a humorous side of its application.  Very funny.


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