Dubai Knowledge Summit 2022

Dubai Knowledge Summit 2022


I am looking forward to being part of the Dubai Knowledge Summit again, taking place this week. The 2022 theme is ‘Protecting Humanity and the Planet’, and I am pleased to be doing the kick-off virtual session on Wednesday, March 16.


The session will be a high-energy discussion around the topic of “Effective leadership during Crisis: Transforming cultures and driving innovation.”, with Rima Najjar - Al Arabiya, John Metselaar – The Conference Board, and Dan Wong – MTR Corp.


Event details:


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Holocon 2022 - Leadership during Disruption



I am looking forward to speaking at Holocon 2022 @Holos Change next week, among a great assembly of leadership experts:


The theme of the conference is Leadership in a World of Disruption, and my topic will be ‘Mastering Creating Transformation – Finding Your Blue Waters’.


If you are a leadership development professional looking to be inspiredenhance your knowledge and be a part of a great conversation, I invite you to join us.


For more details:


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The Art of Re-Imagining Boundaries

Lessons From Zax


Here’s a mental exercise in unconventional thinking. Let your mind wander to the most absurd frontiers of your future strategic options. Then gradually reel them back until they are just within the realm of possible. Finally, think about how to actually accomplish them.


As a comic example of re-imagining boundaries, seizing the absurd, and seeing opportunity where others see limitations, consider the story of a famous Hungarian writer who was living in Paris in the early 1900’s in typical artistic poverty. One day he saw a petition from a wealthy French businessman looking to learn Cantonese. Without speaking a word of Cantonese but able to convincingly fake it, he got the job. In the process, he bravely overstepped his own glaring limitation, which was his inability to speak the very language his client desired to learn.


During two years of intensive tutoring that followed, a complete, made-up language was fabricated by the writer and perfected between the two of them, thereby creating the least spoken tongue in linguistic history. After the second year, confident of having mastered the language, the Frenchman finally left for an extended business trip to China. His arrival and initial conversations there must have been quite interesting.


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Crisis to Opportunity: Market Intersections

Dog drawing 


How do you make sure your business stays relevant in the face of continuous change and disruption? You find ways of keeping customers close, being a source of new value and experiences that they appreciate. A powerful approach to accomplish this is continuously thinking beyond industry boundaries, norms, and traditions. Doing it leads to the discovery of intersections – new market space created by the combination of previously separate offerings.


A recent example of such a move is Lowe’s announcement that it will be opening mini Petco shops within some if its stores. The logic being that DIY homeowners can bring their favorite animal companions to Lowe’s, making the visit a more fun and more productive experience.


See this article for more:


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Does Your Business Resemble an Opossum?

Danielas Opposum 1


The opossum is a strange animal.  Its principal line of defense against potential predators is feigning death.  While an ingenious and innovative psychological deterrent, this has at least two significant risks if not followed up by subsequent innovations. 


First, it banks on predators’ tastes not changing over time.  But what if a stiff, carcass-like appearance eventually becomes an appetite enhancer and not suppressant for savage beasts? 


Second, the opossum’s ploy can only work as long as other animals of similarly low rank on the food chain don’t decide to imitate it.  Because if every creature in the path of some leopard or a wolf pack started to mysteriously drop dead, those predators sooner or later would begin to get mighty suspicious, and the cover would be fatally blown.


So, is your business like an opossum? Does it have a clearly distinct and unconventional strategy and market offering? And, are you continuously refreshing and re-imagining what you do, in order to stay relevant to your target audience?


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