Your Path to Sustainable Innovation: 3 Levels of Blue Waters

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A key premise of the Slingshot Framework is to shift focus from targeting only blue oceans, which is interpreted as transformational or disruptive market moves and therefore seen as elusive and risky. Instead, the focus is on pursuing 3 levels of blue waters simultaneously in a constantly flowing motion:

Blue Lake - Continuously refreshing and optimizing your current market offerings and value proposition
Blue Sea - Expanding your offerings to broaden your customer relevance
Blue Ocean - Creating new offerings that offer unprecedented value

By simultaneously pursuing all 3 levels of innovation – from incremental to transformational – the waters blend together. A blue lake idea can expand into a blue sea or blue ocean opportunity, while a blue ocean must be continuously refreshed by inflowing blue lakes. This allows you to create ongoing distinction and separation from competitors without being forced back into red waters.

See this short video on the topic:

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'Re-Imagine Possible' Exclusive Retreats

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I am pleased to announce the launch of the ‘Re-Imagine Possible’ immersive retreat series. My co-host for these exclusive, fully immersive experiences is Sean Swarner – named one of the most inspirational people based on his amazing personal journey and accomplishments. The settings are Virgin Limited Edition resorts, Sir Richard Branson's personal collection of stunning properties.


The events are designed to unlock the intellectual wellness of participants beyond perceived limits, based on the premise that even the most accomplished among us operate within self-imposed mental boundaries. This leaves vast, unexplored levels of meaning, impact, achievement, and connectivity.


Our retreat experience provides a singular opportunity to immerse in deeply meaningful learning, recalibration, and discovery, while mastering how to systematically overstep perceived boundaries. Our handpicked locations become the personal classroom, our specially designed activities and discussions spring to life the key learnings. This isn't just about getting away. This is about unlocking full potential in all aspects of life.


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On your mark, get set, go!

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The World Track & Field Championships will take place August 19-27 in this brand new, state of the art, 36,000 seat stadium on the banks of the Danube in Budapest. 200+ countries will send over 2,000 athletes, making it the highest number of participants ever.


There are of course, highly inspirational parallels between the worlds of sports and business, many great lessons in leadership, innovation, perseverance and excellence. So many reasons to tune in.


On a personal note, I still have yet to decide which event I will be competing in. Any suggestions?


And who is your favorite among the competitors to break a world record?


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Digital to Emotional Transformation

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What should be the ultimate goal of Digital Transformation and AI?  

Why is happiness the wrong measure of wellbeing? 

How should both corporations and governments best endear themselves to their customers and constituents? 


I explore the answers to these questions in my new article for CEOWorld magazine. 

Take a peek here:


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Re-Imagining Learning

MIndvalley U 6 low


I was pleased to give a closing presentation on the main stage of Mindvalley University earlier this month in Tallinn, Estonia. A three-week, immersive edutainment event, MVU is a frontline example of the allure and power of continuous, cross-generational education and the current transformation of knowledge sharing.


The event was a pulsating mix of highly stimulating content, environment and activities, which I would describe as a Metropolitan Burning Man. It was a strong testament to the wisdom shared by Confucius over 2500 years ago:


“Those people who develop the ability to continuously acquire new and better forms of knowledge they can apply to their work and to their lives will be the movers and shakers in our society for the indefinite future.”


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