2018, August, 06

Stirring the Pot in Thailand

I was pleased to note a well-presented article in the Thai press about the key messages of my recent keynote at the Government IT Summit in Singapore.  I am also fond of the name of the Thai company behind the article: Tech Sauce. Great image and name for a company that is positioning itself as the tech and biz ecosystem leader in Thailand.

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2018, July, 30

Beyond Blue Ocean Strategy

In a recent article on LinkedIn, Luca Leonardini shares his insights on the critical link between Blue Ocean Strategy and Slingshot.  Luca is the organizer of TEDx Livorno, and a frontline business transformationist in Italy.

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2018, July, 23

It’s official: IKEA is no longer just a furniture company

I have no choice but to talk about IKEA again. In its quest to shape the future of the broader market space well beyond its own industry, the company is linking up with Adidas, Lego, Sonos and other diverse partners in order to be able to envelop you in a fully immersive customer relationship.

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2018, July, 16

There is something funny about business today

I am pleased to share this insightful article on the importance of humor in corporate leadership, by Art Reid. Art is a former advertising executive and along with Professor Jamie Anderson, my partner in the soon-to-launch Stand-Up Strategist platform.

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2018, July, 09

Remembering Anthony Bourdain

“Travel is about the gorgeous feeling of teetering in the unknown.”

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