Your New Business Mantra: Buy High, Sell Low

shepherd of the pyrenees 6313


One of the key attributes of the SLINGSHOT Framework is its universal applicability. Organizations of all sizes from start-ups to multinationals operating in any market or industry can benefit from its intuitive logic and powerful methodology to re-imagine boundaries and shape the future of their environment.


In contrast, consider a business philosophy with far less applicability. There was once a well-known shepherd in the Alpes who would go to the top of high mountains to buy sheep from the mountain dwellers, then bring his collected flock down to the valley and sell them for a healthy profit at village markets. He would always pontificate that the secret of his success was to “buy high, sell low.”


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Creating an Irresistible Customer Experience

La Samaritaine


The Covid pandemic has greatly impacted consumer behavior, and accelerated the shift to online commerce. This has produced immense pressure on B2C companies to retain customer traffic to their retail locations. Forward thinking companies understand that they have to do this by creating irresistible experiences that customers cannot get by shopping online.


One example of such a retail environment is LVMH’s recently opened La Samaritaine, the iconic luxury department store in Paris, where the fusion of fashion and food is central to a special multisensory store experience:


How about you? In what way are you redesigning your customers’ experience to give them aspirational, irresistible reasons to continue visiting your retail locations?


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TIME - Heroes of the Year

Time Magazine just announced its Heroes of the Year for 2021, the four scientist ‘Miracle Workers’ who made the Covid vaccine possible. Among them is Katalin Karikó, a fellow Hungarian whom I had the pleasure of getting acquainted with.

Katalin is a biochemist researcher whose trailblazing work over the past decades was fundamental for the rapid development of the vaccine. Her relentless vision, courage and determination in the face of tremendous obstacles along the way is story of true inspiration.

See the TIME feature here: 

TIM211227 Heroes.CoverFINAL
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The Attraction of Outrageously High Prices

Memorable Experience


Would you pay $200 for french-fries or €5,000 for a burger? Your rational response is to say ‘no way!’. But what if these food items deliver the most opulent, dreamlike culinary experience you ever had? Would you be tempted then?


So called ‘collectible experiences’ – where both the price and the indulgence of common consumables or services are raised to outlandish heights – is fast gaining popularity. Demand for such over-the-top experiences is being fueled by the pandemic – inspiring people to live more in the moment – and by new, imagination-expanding offerings – such as commercial space travel. It unlocks a fascinating dimension of consumer behavior, where high price becomes the catalyst for demand, rather than its deterrent.


Here is a really good, recent article on this phenomenon:

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The Greatest Show in Sports

savannah bananas


Well, that may be a slight exaggeration. But it’s at least the greatest show in baseball. The Savannah Bananas – brainchild of Jesse Cole, marketing wiz and entertainment pioneer – has completely re-imagined how a baseball game is played. It has infused contagious fun, humor, and immersive audience participation into a sport that is widely struggling to retain audiences and stay relevant to younger generations.


The result? The team has catapulted from practically a zero fanbase to continuously sold-out games that people travel hours to attend. And the Bananas have won the most games in their league since Jesse took over ownership, winning the league championship this summer. The message is simple, and one all organizations should look to take inspiration from: When you have fun, you perform better and your audience is much more engaged.


Check out this great video that tells the Bananas’ story:


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