2015, September, 07

‘Future Shapers’ initiative launches in Italy

In our fast-evolving world, one of the most powerful and exciting areas of innovation lies at the intersection of traditionally separate industries and organizations.   Companies that are first to discover and occupy these intersections are future shapers, able to create market-driving and lifestyle-changing new value propositions.

I am pleased to be teaming up with Massimo Tammaro, the former Commander of the Italian Aerobatic Team – Frecce Tricolori – the largest aerobatic team in the world, currently sought-after leadership expert and Corporate Consultant for Ferrari. See www.massimotammaro.com.

Massimo and I are co-designing and co-hosting an exclusive event series in Italy, under the name 'The Slingshot Group of Future Shapers',  These invitation-only events bring together the brightest minds from 5-6 outstanding, Italian companies of different industries - with the purpose of exploring the strategic intersections among them.

The first Future Shaper Group is being symbolically launched in Italy, a country of rich, cultural heritage being the intersection point of world-changing ideas. The initiative will be replicated worldwide, creating a global network of future shapers.

For further information about Future Shapers Italy:

If you would like your organization to be part of our Future Shaper initiative in your country/region, send a note to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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