2016, July, 04

GE’s tantalizingly ‘absurd’ idea to solve the global emission problem

In honor of  U.S. Independence Day, I wanted to bring to your attention a very Slingshot-esque initiative by one of the iconic American companies: General Electric (originally founded by Thomas Edison). What is the big idea?  None other than repurposing harmful CO2 into energy storage enabler.

Such repurposing of an abundant waste into an important resource is a great example of the Innovation Shortcut: finding new combinations of existing components. “If there’s one “resource” the planet has too much of, it’s carbon dioxide. One of the primary components to the greenhouse gases thought to be responsible for climate change, CO2 has long been the bane of our environment’s health. But now, GE thinks it may have found a way to repurpose this gas into a useful energy source — harvesting CO2 to actually create new solar batteries. It’s the ultimate 180 on carbon dioxide’s harmful effects, and while scientists have long captured and stored CO2 emissions, it’s been unclear as to how best to utilize these massive reserves. That is, until now.”

See the full story here:


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