2015, June, 29

Ikea imagines the kitchen of the future

What might the kitchen of the (near) future look like?  In what way will it be more convenient, eco-friendly, and fun to use?  How will it turn current pain points into points of infatuation?  Ikea is providing us with a tantalizing peek.

“For the past couple of years, Ikea has been working on the Concept Kitchen 2025 project in which it has tried to incorporate new technology to redefine how we use our kitchens. The project is done particularly with an eye toward making our kitchens more eco-friendly while encouraging us to not waste food.

One concept that Ikea has unveiled that’s particularly cool involves rigging a camera and a projector above a table that can see what ingredients you’re using and then can project recipe ideas right onto the table depending on what you’re using. The projector can also deliver nutritional information about the ingredients you’re using so you’ll know whether you’ve created a balanced meal.”

How about something even more ambitious and wild – like doing away with refrigerators? To find out how, read the article here:


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