2015, September, 28

Koenigsegg does it again...

One of the case-studies in my book Slingshot is that of Christian Koenigsegg – the Swedish wunderkind who disrupted the venerable supercars industry.  The story in my book detailed how Koenigsegg challenged industry assumptions and within 10 years of entry, captured the coveted title of the world’s fastest supercar.

And Koenigsegg has not slowed down since.  Pushing the boundaries further, Koenigsegg recently unveiled the world’s first ‘megacar’. Given the name ‘One:1’, the vehicle can accelerate from a standstill to 300km/h (186mph), and back down to zero again, in under 18 seconds.

What does such a compact rush of pure speed look and feel like?  Take a peek at the video footage via this link:  


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