2017, July, 31

Re-Imagining the Drive-Thru experience

Did you know that the overwhelming share of the business that quick service restaurants generate is drive-thru (approx. 80%)? Yet there are numerous pain points throughout the drive-thru customer experience.  McDonald’s is therefore exploring a whole new approach.

Per the online article below:

While the drive-thru is meant to make life easier for busy, hungry commuters, McDonald's just took the convenience game to a whole new level with the Drive-Thruck, a Golden Arches restaurant on wheels -- that comes with its own drive-thru window.

Conceived out of Brazilian agency DPZ&T, the truck traveled through the streets of Sao Paulo offering drivers the opportunity to order a super-quick bite without even having to leave the main drag.

"We reversed people's habit of going to the Drive-thru at McDonald's, which can be found everywhere," said Roberto Gnypek, marketing VP-McDonald's, in a statement.




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