2018, November, 19

Turning Desert Heat into Gardens of Nourishment

Finding new, previously unexplored combinations of already existing components to drive new levels of value is at the heart of smart innovation. In fact, the approach is so useful and effective that I call it the Innovation Shortcut. Here is a recent example in practice, from the Middle East.

Per the story by the BBC: “The project’s concept is elegant in its simplicity: Jordan’s solar energy desalinates the seawater, the desalinated water grows the crops (and the run-off cools the greenhouse) and the crops help plough carbon from the atmosphere back into the soil. Three tentpole challenges, tackled at once. And along with being a sustainable use of resources, the project could bring another benefit. Once scaled up and commercialized – and especially if its methods are adopted by other farms in the country – it could give Jordan another list of valuable exports. Currently, the country imports 98% of its food.”

 See the full story here:


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